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 Books' Collection

"Know Yourself"

Click below to read the summary of each book (at present they are only in Italian language)

We don't live well, we don't know how to live well because we ignore what allows us to think, speak, love, act and desire. We are often unconscious not only of our parts, of the mind, of the feeling, emotions, will, desires and instincts, but also of others, of the world around us, of the circumstances and events that invest us. It is not possible to hope to manage our life without MINIMALLY MASTERING the environment around us.

It is necessary to get to know themselves, to become aware of the real motivations that drive us to act, to recognize our thoughts, to discern the emotions, ambitions, desires and instincts that defend us from the intrusion of Forces too big for us.

The Mother used to point out that:

“A life without PURPOSE is a life without joy. The quality of our life depends on the QUALITY of our Purpose."

In every human being there is an anxiety, a dissatisfaction, an arcane need for the background, a 'nostalgia', a call, an attraction, a need to know more about oneself and the world in which we live.

The GREAT SEARCH of oneself began long, long ago, millions of years ago. There is a CONSCIOUSNESS within us, a POWER, the same Power that endeavoured to fight in the fish, in the amphibian, in the reptile, in the bird, in the mammal and now in us. 
The evolutionary thrust of Nature is within us: growing, expanding, rising, going beyond human Consciousness, leads to the development of our character.
The Great Research is already in us. Each human being carries, hidden in him, the possibility of a Higher Consciousness that goes beyond the aspect of his present life and makes him participate in a Higher and Vaster Life.

What the Mental Consciousness of man

does not know and cannot

the Higher Consciousness

knows it and does it

A ray, an EMANATION of this Higher Consciousness shines in the centre of our chest, is like a Light that Shines in the center of the Being and radiates through the thick layers of the outer Consciousness. Many children receive this influence which is sometimes perceived distinctly in their spontaneous actions and in their straightforward words. Unfortunately, the reaction that parents have towards these phenomena is negative and the child often grows unconscious of this domain: the attention is mainly concentrated on external things, such as fashionable clothes, courses of all kinds, thus creating in him the habit of considering them as the only important things.

In general, this discovery is associated with a mystical sentiment and a religious life, since it is above all religions that have dealt with this research.

The Central Being must be found within himself, a creature no bigger than an inch, as the ancient texts define it. We have to investigate the real reason, the real reason for Being of our life on this wandering planet.

The starting point is the SEARCH within oneself of what is INDEPENDENT from the body and the circumstances of life, of what does not come from the mental training received, from the language that is spoken, from the habits and uses of the environment in which we live , from the country in which you were born or from the era to which you belong.

It is necessary to find in the depths of one's Being what carries within it a SENSE of universality, of expansion without limits, of duration without interruption. Then we decentralize, we expand, we enlarge ourselves, we start living in everything and in all beings; the barriers that separate individuals from each other fall, one thinks in their thoughts, vibrates in their sensations, feels in their feelings, lives in life of the All and what seemed inert suddenly comes alive, the stones vibrate, the plants feel , they want and suffer, the animals speak a clear and expressive language, everything comes alive with a marvelous Conscience that has no more time or limits.

Due the complexity of such research and the impossibility of fully investigating all the different parts that compose us as living and thinking beings,

we present a collection, a series of books that contribute to: KNOWING YOURSELF.

Through a small book, each reader can pass through one or more inner doors (Chakras) that access the unknown: OURSELVES.

Copertina 2024.jpg
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