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Our history:

the first 20 years 


  • First moments of aggregation


  • Officially foundation of our Center

  • Publishing fairy tales for children

  • Drafting of the first two volumes of poems "At Samadhi's foot"

  • Two theatrical performances: "Towards the Future"

  • Realization of the theater and related animated puppets

  • Aurora magazine is born


  • Exhibition: "Man and his eternal questions" - Castelnuovo R. (MO)

  • Kites and puppets' workshop

  • Construction and exhibition of the Chinese Dragon (m 15 x 1.50 x 2)

  • Multilingual publication of a dozen illustrated fairy tales for children

  • Drafting of other four volumes of poems "At Samadhi's foot"


  • Purchase of new activity: Sandblasting

  • Presentation of the Germoglio's Project

  • Exhibition of painting, sculpture and tapestries at the Rocca di Bazzano: 6 rooms with 100 paintings, 30 sculptures, gypsography and 50 Indian tapestries.


  • Square performances, carnival parades, construction of four large masks (5.30 mt x 4 mt)

  • Construction of our multipurpose room (6 mt x 20 mt gym)

  • Construction and performance of the "Swan of Dreams" (motorized)

  • Construction of the "Bruco Amico", symbolizing environmental recovery, the defense of life (12 x 1, 50 x 2 mt)

  • "The Eternal Questions" - an existential exhibition at the Lame Civic Center - BO - inaugurated by the Honorable Renzo Imbeni, then Mayor of Bologna city.

  • "The daughter of the sun", the first drama for children

  • "The dark battle", the second dram based on chap. 33 °, vol. IV of "Beyond any plot", an epic poem by Sri Aghni


  • "Special Carnival of Sabato dello Zecchino"; RAI-UNO television recordings of "La Grande Orchestra" and of the "Bruco Amico" fashion show

  • "The Three Knights": new puppet show

  • N. 6 volumes of "Oltre ogni Trama", Aghni's epic poem

  • Honor to the flag: our flag is waving on our hill

  • Summer children camping with themed figures

  • August 15: "The Scarlet Asura" third drama from chap. 34th, vol. IV of "Oltre ogni Trama"

  • "Paolino ei sassolini" begins: autobiographical history of puppets for the youngest children (three, six years)


  • Great snowfall and great frost; for 10 days we are without water

  • "Step after Step" , bulletin of the Center, is born

  • Mini camping for 40 children of the summer camps

  • Harvest: all on the combine to harvest our first biological grown wheat

  • Construction of canopies to host 12 vehicles


  • February: Construction of "Gratitude", small temple in honor of  SRI AUROBINDO's relics

  • End of year: Presentation of the first illustrations of "Savitri"; Theatrical piece "Cyclopean work" from "Beyond any Plot" and "Descent of Light", ballet of the Dance Group "Promise" of the Center


  • Vineyard and orchard plant

  • Completion of the foundation of the house

  • 30 October: SATPREM's birthday - planting of maples and ash trees


  • Concession of the gym of Formica, Municipality of Savignano s / P

  • April 11: AGHNI -Day - review of 1st and 2nd book of the Epic Poem "Oltre ogni Trama"; completion of illustrations 1st and 2nd canto of "Savitri" and first video projections.

  • August: Paving of the refectory; set up o the new workshop-building

  • August 15: Darshan of SRI AUROBINDO: commemorative celebration with collection of several lands in a common urn

  • October: Septic tank. Planting in Satprem's road


  • January 21: travel to India (Pondicherry - Sri Aurobindo Ashram) of all members of the Center

  • February: Permanence in India, exhibition of Savitri's paintings in the halls of the Ashram

  • June: Aghni-poet: "Beats from Heaven" - New Contemporary Poetry - Selection Award "Poetry '95"

  • July: start of the exhibition of paintings from Namasté Savitri collection, II ° Canto, at the Visitor Center in Auroville

  • 29 July: new exhibition in the halls of the Exhibition Hall of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry and video projection of the Canto I at the International Study Center - Ashram School

  • August 10: Third exhibition at the Sri Aurobindo Society's Beach Office

  • August 15: 4 a.m. delivery of 20 volumes of the 1st Book of Namasté Savitri by Aghni; two of them, with the participation of Jayantilal da, were offered to the room of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's one; 6 a.m. visit to the Matrimandir and offering of one copy of the same book.


  • January: Conference at the Villagio Verde (Novara), in Pesaro, Iesi and Ancona on the theme "Answers of the Infinite to the Finite"

  • January: Translation and typing of the new book "Homage to Sri Aurobindo" to be published 

  • February: Trip to India: exhibition at the Visitor Center (Auroville) and in Pondy of Aghni's paintings on Canto IV of Savitri

  • At the Playground (Sri Aurobindo Ashram): projection of paintings on Canto II of Savitri

  • Revision of the 1st Book of "Oltre ogni trama"  (33 cantos) and elaboration of schemes representing the different parts of the Being.

  • June: Exhibition of Namastè Savitri's paintings in Bagni di Lucca; collaboration with Cyber of Milan; Health fair - Bazzano (BO)- Italy

  • July: Start of "Shakty-Day evenings": evenings meetings to do reflections and self-analysis of the Center's members

  • 15 August: celebration of Sri Aurobindo's birthday

  • September: Second publication of "Homage to Sri Aurobindo". The first shipment of "Aurora Community" incense leaves from India; they will serve to finance our editorial projects

  • Harvest and wine-making of our grapes; purchase of the relative vats and inauguration of our cellar

  • Wood boiler and radiators for our seat


  • January: Aghni falls seriously ill

  • February: Extension of the Meditation Room

  • April 11: Aghni's birthday, he is still suffering

  • June: Publication of the 5 posters on flowers. Design and construction of terracotta incense holders

  • July: Meeting in Milan for the buying of the books of the ARKA series

  • August: Preparation of the exhibition "Homage to Sri Aurobindo", 125th anniversary of the birth, at Rocca Bentivoglio - Bazzano (BO): exhibition of biographical panels, illustrations by Savitri, studies: "The Evolution of Consciousness on Earth" (comparative schemes of Yoga , Metaphysics, Theosophy, Kabbalah, etc.)

  • October: Clearing of old typographical machinery and setting up of the Arka and Tapas Book Store (16,000 volumes) Germoglio editions

  • December: Oil paintings, watercolors; computer printing of the first cantos of Savitri. Further revision of the translations of Savitri's 1st Book (5 cantos)

  • The works of transformation of the old barn into new housing continues


  • January: Agni and Tendresse leave for India; contacts with Mahendra for an upcoming Italian-Indian twinning; design and construction of a new import line of Indian manufactured goods

  • March: a new exhibition hall for Indian books and manufactured goods

  • April: Redefine of the biological vegetable garden

  • June: renovation of the roof of the main building

  • Reprint of: "The book - Parole dagli scritti di Sri Aurobindo e Mère" by our publishing house; publication of: "Centrality and function of the school in the third millennium" by Eugenia Cosentino.

  • July: Print of "Ultime Poesie", re-edition of "Last Poems": essay on mantra's poetry and translation of the latest poems by Sri Aurobindo, by Ugo Montanari

  • August: Roof finish under impressive canyons

  • August 15: Commemoration of the birth of Sri Aurobindo - Projection of a new video: Savitri, canto IV, part I

  • October 4th: Purna is born.

  • End of October: Exhibition at "La Venere" in Savignano S.P.: "THE ETERNAL QUESTIONS"

  • November: Prosperous starts of the new business of importing of Indian products.

  • December: Fire of our gym among the general panic


  • January: Purchase and installation of the new gym (prefabricated) and expansion of the warehouse for imported products.

  • February: Revision of SAVITRI's  paintings and their translation

  • March: Review and continuation of "Terre e Cieli dell'Aldilà"

  • April: Exhibition "The Eternal Questions" at the "Green Village"

  • June: Renovation of the roof of the meditation room

  • Start of grouting the external walls of the main building of the centre

  • Swimming pool for everyone with two new purifiers

  • August: "Just in time" publication of "Entretiens 1930-31" by the Mother in Italian language

  • September: Stand construction at "SANA": 11th international exhibition of natural food, health and environment (in Bologna city)

  • October: Excellent wine-making

  • December 26: fire starts at the temple (only Sri Aurobindo's relics remains intact)

  • Re-edition of "Hidden Consciences" (2 vol.)


  • January: 3/4 of members are ill

  • January 25: demolition of the 'old' temple

  • January 29: Extinction of the ten-year bank-loan (pizza for everyone!) for the purchase of the seat of the Center

  • February 29: Inauguration of the new temple

  • March: finishing of the 2nd floor flooring (main building)

  • General reorganization of the courtyard area and redefinition of the playground.

  • May 20: inauguration of "Nirvana", stupa located on the ridge of the ravine.

  • May 30: inauguration of "Salute", a new sportsground.

  • June: visit of 4 Lithuanian friends.

  • August 15: a hundred visitors attend the initiatives organized by the Center for the anniversary of the birth of Sri Aurobindo.
    Inauguration of 11 rooms built on the 2nd floor of the main building.

  • December: printing and publication of the first Italian edition of "Eraclito" by Sri Aurobindo, Edizioni Tapas Germoglio (taken from: Shri Aurobindo, "De la Grèce à l'Inde", Ed. Albin Michel); translation by Eugenia Cosentino.
    Publication and printing of the albums of "Namastè Savitri" relating to Book 1 °, Canto 2 ° of Savitri; Tapas Germoglio editions.
    The first volume of Satprem's "Carnets d'une Apocalypse" and "La Lègende de l'Avenir" arrive from France.
    Aghni expresses the necessity to have a "leading group" behind him and works for its establishment: a group of people within the centre able to constitute a link for the work of concretization and materialization of a "Gnostic body" , capable of taking care of hidden truths, knowledge, consciousnesses, entities and forces.

History written by Antares,

THANK YOU for your great contribution even if unfortunately today you are no longer physically among us.

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