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To give everyone the opportunity to follow our artistic work based on the inspired Aghni's paintings,

we invite you to follow us on our YouTube channel where you will find several videos that we are producing and other made in the past but still actual.

  • YouTube

Our exhibition entitled "La Scala di Mondi" at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi branch which was set up until December 2023 

Below are some videos in different languages to share our work with most countries.

Aghni e Nirod da durante la mostra.jpg

Nirod da and Aghni during one of Aghni's first exhibitions in the 90s in Pondicherry


Aghni at Auromira Center in London, December 2019

Savitri, canto 1, book 1, with Russian translation by Ritam Melgunov

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