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 FIEREZZA’S REMEBRANCES (she is a member of the center since the beginning)


"In January 1995 a group of 18 people came to Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram from the Italian Sri Aurobindo and the Mother centre with Aghni, the founder, and they went into in Nirod da’s room; there they showed to him for the first time the watercolour paintings by Aghni on Savitri’s Poem. Nirod da was very impressed from this big work and he immediately went away from his room and he sat down in front of Samadhi near Amal Kiran (K.D. Sethna) and showed him the box containing all these watercolour paintings. Nirod da and Amal Kiran immediately decided to permit us to expose these paintings in the Exhibition House most time it was possible. Nirod da involved immediately also Jayantilal da and they started to come to visit Aghni in his room in Park Guest House where all the afternoon Aghni was continuing to paint Savitri’s Poem. Jayantilal da, who with his efforts permitted us to print by a typography in Madras the first collection of paintings (342 paintings referring to 342 verses of the first canto of the Book of Beginnings) that we called “Namasté Savitri”, one day told us: “The Mother told me that": "One day, in future, there will be painters that will be able to express strength and beauty together"; also Jayantilal da morover said us: "Definitely Aghni is one of these”. I’m very grateful of this recognition and the one received from several senior disciples that studied and studies Savitri; they have been thankful to Aghni because one his painting gave them the possibility to better understand a verse of Savitri."



Namasté Savitri, a book that contains the 342 watercolors referring to the canto "The Symbol Dawn", verse by verse: printed in A4 format and each containing the corresponding verse of Savitri in 4 languages: English, Italian, French and German.

Those interested in having it write to us at the e-mail address: 

Video showing the 157 watercolors of the second part of the book Namasté Savitri, with reading by Tara Jauhar of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi branch. The version with Italian subtitles is already on our YouTube channel.

jayantilal and Aghni.jpg

Aghni and Jayantilal da, with the first copy of the book, 1995 Pondicherry

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