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During the year we celebrate some anniversaries like the foundation of our Center, the ‘Darshan’ and other special days when we sometimes organize “planning day” when is possible for some visitors and old friends join us.


In that days Aghni is usually willingness to illustrate some Aurobindo's themes; although to valorise the talents of  the young and less young  we organize, if our working obligations leave us free, cultural programs and e physical demonstrations. 

Special days of Spiritual meaning

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Sri Aurobindo's relics: Champaklal gifted them us and

 Aghni placed them in our Temple in 1992

29 January: Officially foundation of  Sri Aurobindo e Mère Center in Savignano sul Panaro (MO)- Italy


21 February: Darshan's Day and Anniversary of the Mother's birthday


29 February: First Supramental Descend


29 Mach: Anniversary of the first arrival of the Mother in Pondicherry


4 April: Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo's arrival in Pondicherry


11 April:  Aghni's birthday


24 April: Darshan's Day which reminds the final arrival of the Mother in Pondicherry


15 August: Darshan's Day and Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo's Birthday


17 November: Mahasamadhi Day of the Mother 


24 November: Darshan's Day which reminds the Day of Sri Aurobindo's Siddhi.


December: Mahasamadhi Day of Sri Aurobindo


25 December: Christmas- day of “Light's descend”


31 December: Meditation of midnight and wishes presents' distribution

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Reading by Aghni

Our Temple as homage to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

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