The Germoglio Project , deposited for several years in the Emilia Romagna Region, envisages a series of initiatives aimed on the one hand at the recovery and enhancement of the 16 hectares of land on which the Centro Sri Aurobindo e Mère stands and on the other at the formation of an Integral Education Center which, making use of both the 'external' resources of the community (structures created for this purpose, activities already present and underway, didactic walkways built in the 'rural' area, etc.) and the 'internal' ones (the different knowledge and specializations of each, the study of themselves, of life and the environment and the inner experience on the basis of Sri Aurobindo's yoga), can transmit a new type of learning and knowledge that does not neglect the deeper parts of being.

True harmony cannot be limited only to inner states, to deep feelings, to propositions and ideals, but must encompass the whole external environment made of space, possibilities and material wealth. The environment is experienced as an integral part of a larger, collective, national and global self. The center is therefore committed to carrying out a series of interventions to recover its own area; all in the context of a project which, far from being strictly personal and therefore private, may involve the greatest number of people and interests.

  • Cultivations : Six hectares of hilly land have been recovered for our agriculture: fruit trees, cereals (especially wheat from which flour is obtained for the production of bread and sweets) and fruit and vegetables for internal consumption.

  • Safeguarding of wild and domestic animals : There are ducks, chickens, poultry and domestic animals. Numerous wooden nests have been built and placed in different places of the area to host and encourage the numerous variety of birds already naturally present in this area. An aviary was recently built where parakeets and doves coexist.

  • Environmental recovery and study : A part of the land on which the community lives and works consists of the presence of a vast badlands. The block of the 'calanchiva' expansion in marginal areas was one of the first objectives pursued, followed by reforestation works (the planting of maples, walnuts, ash trees, lime trees and other plants) as a means of stabilizing and recovering these difficult soils or to create shaded areas or rest areas. From this arose the idea of creating a walkway at the base of the calanco reservoir, for teaching and an opportunity to 'regime' the rainwater for the stability of the slopes.

  • Natural and alternative wellness center : since September 2003 the center has organized various initiatives and activities regarding:

  • Natural feeding courses

  • Naturopathy

  • Anxiety therapy

  • Health and well-being through yoga and gymnastics for the elderly

  • Educational farm :

the activation of which would be part of the larger project of the Integral Education Center. In collaboration with a project of the Region that provides (in particular schools) the opportunity to visit various farms equipped for the purpose and create study and work groups, the Center offers the appropriate equipment and spaces for study and practice of some activities .

Gli anni passano..e i la memoria fa brutti scherzi..dov'è finito il tombino?

Ospiti presso l'ambasciata italiana di Nuova Delhi-India a parlare dei ns. progetti

Febbraio 2019

Cambio della bandiera sulla nostra collina, 

anno 2008

Other projects ...

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A febbraio 2019 alcuni di noi sono stati ospiti del Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch, a New Delhi, capitale indiana, dove da diversi anni l'educazione integrale secondo la visione di Sri Aurobindo e la Madre viene messa in pratica da diversi insegnanti e dove dunque un gruppo come il nostro, guidato da Aghni, è stato accolto e dopo i primi momenti di conoscenza del materiale artistico-educativo realizzato a partire dai dipinti di Aghni, molti insegnanti lo hanno invitato come ospite nelle loro classi, e con loro grande sorpresa non solo Aghni si è dimostrato un artista ma anche un vero conoscitore dei Piani e Parti dell'essere ed ha saputo con semplici flash-card introdurre il discorso delle emozioni e da lì poter parlare coi bambini di emozioni, pensieri, sentimenti, stati d'animo ecc..


Qui di seguito alcune foto scattate presso la scuola attigua all'Ashram, denominata:

Free Progress School- MIRAMBIKA - Research Centre for Integral Education and Human Values 

February 2019

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