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"This Ashram has been created with another object than that ordinarily common to such institutions, not for the renunciation of the world but as a centre and field of practice for the evolution of another kind and form of life which would in the final end be moved by a higher spiritual consciousness and embody a greater life of the spirit."

Sri Aurobindo

Learning, that is, acquiring an ever wider and above all true knowledge of ourselves and of the experience in which we are immersed is the main motive that drives us to give life to this non-profit Center and which aims the attempt to express, in the most varied forms, the continuous, simultaneous, intimate relationship existing between the Original Reality and the Superficial One. The deep abyss present in human consciousness between the original, supreme, and the external or surface Reality is known by all. Reconnecting to the Work that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have accomplished on earth we aim to create together the 'missing bridges', the 'passages' necessary for true knowledge and understanding. "

Based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the Centro Sri Aurobindo e Mère, founded by Aghni in 1986, of about 25 people, works, studies and researches the how and why of life.



Early days


There is a common basic need to know ourselves better and better, the world in which we are immersed and the Spirit intrinsic to everything, event or being that surrounds us.

A need that is at the same time the 'problem' and the key to its solution: the crisis facing man today is not political, economic or environmental, but evolutionary. Dissatisfaction, disorientation, illnesses, violence are only some external signs of a deeper uneasiness that need to be answered.

"It is a question of knowing", as Satprem says, "if man finds the means not so much to make human asphyxia bearable, but to live otherwise on earth ..."

"Man is not the last step of earthly creation, evolution continues and man will be overcome. It is up to everyone to decide to participate in the adventure of the New Species." Mère

After more than 30 years of walking, the ideal that had supported and guided our choices has undergone a transformation becoming more and more 'substantial' and similar to the experience that Mère gives us in his Agenda and that of Satprem.

It is precisely among the many testimonies of Satprem that have come to us from his most recently published diaries (Carnets d'une Apocalypse) that we find the deep meaning, the central heart of the problem, the cornerstone of our current existential experience and the real reason that pushes us to stay together to continue their difficult work: the "Supermentalization of matter".



Some of us  visiting the Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi branch to set up the exhibition "Homage to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother"

February 2019



A part of us in Pondicherry-India

January 2019

Our community is not only a group of people, nor a specific place: it is a living laboratory, a field of morphic experience where the individual and the collective come to coexist in a relationship that becomes increasingly global and where the whole takes care of the individual and the individual of the whole.

"Realizing and becoming a Gnostic Community ..." "... A whole where the one takes care of the whole and the whole supports the individual with equal intensity and strength; a Knowledge of intimate feeling, action, thought, vision, strength and meaning, where universal and individual consciousness merge into one super-mental Consciousness of Truth ... " AGHNI

Our Center is therefore a living laboratory as the Mother of Pondicherry calls it, it is a field of morphic experience as science defines it lately, it is a Conscious Kernel, a Multiform Being, the Alpha and the Omega of the Universe, the One Body. It is OUR TRUE OURSELVES, the Spirit, the ONE who evolves himself into His ever more Divine Creation. AGHNI


Members of the Centro Sri Aurobindo e Mère are known as the Germoglio Group.

The evolving needs of the market required an ever increasing specialization in different work sectors forcing the members of the community to be fully adaptable: everyone has learned to perform multiple tasks and it is frequent to see the secretary who drives the forklift, the merchant who is also a welder, the doctor who drives the digger and so on.

Concentration and collective meditations don't follow predetermined deadlines but arise spontaneously during particular moments when there is a need to immerse oneself in silence and peace to grasp the direction or orientation necessary for the group soul. Particular attention is given to personal needs and the individual may, at some point, even withdraw from collective work if his basic need sincerely requires it. Like any group, ours also refers to a guide (Aghni) capable of harmonizing the different tendencies and inclinations.

At present our main activities are:

  • FARM: finds its strong point in the bakery sector with the production from the field to the table, through a process of sowing, harvesting and stone grinding, of a high quality bread, made in respect of ancient traditions with the use of the MOTHER PASTA. Our vegetable garden supplies genuine products of high quality, as well as our fruit garden.

  • DIDACTIC FARM GERMOGLIO: workshops, excursions, guided visits to animals, entertainment

  • COURSES: Hatha yoga (relaxation techniques, concentration, meditation ...) and fencing



  • ITINERANT EXHIBITIONS on existential themes: "Savitri: the Supreme revelation of Sri Aurobindo's vision", "The eternal questions", "The silent language of flowers", "Study of the Parts of Being", "The Evolution of Consciousness " etc…

Video First produced in English for the Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Network (  then in Italian.

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Early days

Video in English produced for the Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Network ( .

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